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Independent audit at Triol Corporation


The role of the external auditor in the supervisory process requires standards such as independence, objectivity and integrity to be achieved. This month Triol Corporation met the independent inspector and auditor of the company BURPTEC, who has been monitoring all stages of drives testing for oil production starting with incoming inspection including the direct release of the product.

The process includes the following acceptance tests (AT):

  1. Visual inspection, checking the completeness, mounting dimensions, labeling, weighing.
  2. Electrical insulation resistance measurement
  3. Digital inputs and outputs check
  4. Analog inputs and outputs check
  5. Manual frequency adjustment potentiometer check
  6. Telemetry check
  7. Operation of the controller WATCHDOG
  8. Drive testing with an electric motor of low power, precision control parameter measurements
  9. Braking resistor unit check
  10. Electromagnetic locks check
  11. Protections check
  12. Drive check with the input voltage 480V
  13. Stress tests on asynchronous motor
  14. Nominal load test
  15. Compliance with NEMA 4
  16. Transportation test
  17. Stress tests on asynchronous motor

The aims to consider are the importance of auditor independence in the external auditor’s role in oil field and supervision. Markets use the information to assess businesses more effectively, managers continue improving internal processes, and the internal control testing becomes more cost-effective over time. Internal audit is a vital function to carry out effective offers and to establish your business’ credibility.

Experienced, trained, and properly resourced, ensuring compliance with standards Triol Corporation strives for Quality of Management System, which is being improved every year and which is confirmed by ISO certificates annually.

Triol Corporation – reliability in every move!

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