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Triol AK02, IP43 enclosure, 380 V

Triol AK02 soft starter with IP43 enclosure, 380 V, provides high-reliability, high-efficiency solution for controlling ESP’s in oilfields where the supply is 380 V, with step up transformers to the ESP’s voltage.

  • Soft start, control and protection of ESP;
  • Various starting algorithms: kick-start, direct start, start with current regulation;
  • Backspin and ground fault protection;
  • Operation in extreme environments — operating temperature from -60 °C to +50 °C;
  • Operating with downhole sensors of different manufacturers;
  • Self diagnosing before start;
  • Specialized UMKA-04 controller for ESP application, with user friendly interface, ESP performance data readout in real time.
Voltage, V3 ~ 380 V ± 15 %
Frequency, Hz50 … 60
Working temperature, ºС-10…+60
Rectification circuitWitdout a frequency converter
Analog inputs2
Digital inputs arbitrary polarity2
Relative humidityNot more tdan 80% at a temperature of 20 ° C (witd no condensation)
Altitude characteristicsto 1000 m
Rated input voltage, VRated current of power circuit, ARated power of connected SEM, kWCatalog number
380100from 43 to 55АК02-100-500141-380
160from 55 to 70АК02-160-500141-380
250from 70 to 100АК02-160-500141-380
320from 100 to 125АК02-320-500141-380
400from 125 to 160АК02-400-500141-380
630from 160 to 250АК02-630-500141-380
800from 250 to 290АК02-800-500141-380
1000from 290 to 315АК02-1К0-500141-380