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AK06 NEMA 4X – unique technologies from Triol Corporation!



Triol Corporation presents new variable speed drive AK06 NEMA 4X for oil production.

AK06-MM-XXX-110231-480 is a variable speed drive, intended to control submersible electric motors for artificial lift. The drive’s enclosure and cooling system is specially designed to operate in extreme desert environment. This drive outputs pulse width modulated signal that is filtered through a built-in sinewave filter, providing a clean sinewave voltage at the output.
This drive can work with either Asynchronous or Permanent Magnet Motors, which enables the operator to reduce its inventory, thus reducing costs.
AK06 series has many competitive features that add value to the client by reducing downtime, increasing oil production and decreasing power losses.

Triol Corporation guarantees smooth operation of your equipment even at the world’s end!

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