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Advantages of an innovative Triol LESP over SRP and ESP


Triol Corporation has developed a unique system for oil production at marginal wells – Installation of a Linear electric submersible pump.This solution is innovative and based on the best traditional production methods.

This news will bring the main advantages of the LESP over SRP and ESP. The most detailed information about the technical characteristics and features of the LESP can be found in the datasheet “Installing linear electric submersible pump”.

Beneficial advantages over SRP

LESP is an excellent alternative to SRP, as it can be applied to a wider well stock and even where SRPs cannot be used for technical reasons. Innovative technology from Triol Corporation can be installed into the deep wells, including with an oblique directional type of trunk, and does not require the installation of a rocking machine.

Speaking about the benefits of the implementation of LESP the design does not use booms, which significantly increases the reliability of the plant as a whole. Also, when implementing this solution, the cost of well construction is decreased due to reduced requirements for the arrangement of installation sites and the volume of capital investments and the cost of ownership do not increase.

Benefits over ESP

In comparison with ESP, a unique LESP when operating on the marginal well stock has a constant cycle of operation. Allowing to expand the fund of exploited wells, the installation of linear electric submersible pump functions even at minimum rates, where ESP operation is unprofitable. It can also be used in fields with a viscous fluid saturated with mechanical impurities.

It should be specially emphasized that LESP allows you to get away from the problems caused by the periodic operation of the well, namely from leakage of the check valve, freezing in the winter time, etc.

Installation of linear electric submersible pump produced by Triol provides an increase in the efficiency of oil production due to an increase in efficiency of not less than 1.2 times with comparable production rates. With the use of LESP with special Triol equipment for oil production, for example, Triol AK06 VSD it is possible to effectively develop the wells after their repair.

In the video below you can get acquainted with the technology of operation of Triol LESP. Enjoy watching!

SPR and ESP continue to be popular in the oil production market. These technologies have already become traditional, however, they are gradually becoming obsolete. Companies need more effective solutions. Innovative LESP is an excellent alternative to these technologies. See for yourself, contact our specialists.

Triol Corporation is the best solution for marginal wells!

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