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A new solution for automating technical process of oil production (Triol ITA technology)


Triol Corporation continues to lead the development of high-tech solutions and present them to the automation systems market.

Today we are pleased to inform you about our new market product – Triol Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA). Triol ITA is the unique development, the main task of which is the on-line monitoring and control of equipment at remote sites. With this technology, remote objects can be combined into one system for centralized control.

Triol ITA also simplifies reporting at the enterprise by automating the formation of documentation both on the whole system and on individual equipment. In other words, the technology of Triol Corporation allows you to create a tree nesting equipment with reference to the area or object. Using this technology, the equipment can be monitored anytime by the application for mobile devices.

Triol Interactive Technology Assistant will allow the workflow to become more comfortable and convenient for you! See for yourself, with Triol ITA you will be able to:

– view and edit drive parameters online;

– start and stop remotely;

– monitor the main electrical and technological parameters of the technological line;

– graphically display embodiment archival data in selected electrical and technological parameters; in addition, create graphs for possible comparison of parameters;

– export data from the server to the local computer with the possibility of further working with Excel;

– export data from the server to the local computer with the ability to build custom pivot table as the Object and the system as a whole;

– display the list of products with reference to objects;

– differentiate access rights by login to the Web service;

– set emergency and pre-alarm signaling of parameter output for the set thresholds.

Note that this novelty is a universal software that can be used in enterprises of various industries. With Triol ITA you will increase management efficiency by combining all of the objects in a single system for centralized monitoring and control.

Triol Corporation – automate your technical process with success!

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